1. What's It Like

From the recording What's It Like

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What's It Like

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Just another day like any other
Watching the love pour down on the page
And all the photographs they tell the same story
I guess I don’t feel the same

I used to dream that I was meant to be somewhere else
Couldn’t wait to get out the door
A place where laughter wasn’t swallowed by anxiety
or a broken stage on which to perform

What’s it like
A love like that
What’s it like
To love like that

How would it feel to want call you up and tell you everything
Like I know other people do
And would I be any different if I haven’t felt like I was boring you


I know what its like to feel less than nothing
I know what it’s like to shut down
I know all to well how to crawl into my shell
Until you’re not around

So it’s just another day like any other
I’ll throw my pity party again
And when will I look at all the photographs
And forgive them