"Smart, eclectic, unique, catchy, inspired, and simply wonderful. The music was Impressive! Brilliantly arranged! Brilliantly delivered!”


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BC Musician Review

Helen Austin is a multi instrumentalist and a singer/songwriter who had a career as a comedienne in the UK before moving to Vancouver Island. These days she's dedicated to the craft of songwriting and the business that goes with it.

Her latest album is titled Always Be A Unicorn, is for children. I put it in the CD player and watched my almost two year old daughter Cadence's reaction. She immediately began doing her tiny dance moves – swaying back and forth and grinning. Thumbs up on the kid-o-meter.

All 17 songs on this record are tremendously catchy and up beat with a kind of humble self-empowerment theme throughout. There's a level of sophistication here that in my opinion should particularly appeal to girls ages 6 to 11. If you're wanting a break from music that's self important and serious, go ahead, put on 'Always Be A Unicorn.' Along with 'Fishin For Pickles,' by Jamie Junger I'll listen to this when the complex adult world starts to unravel my nerves and I require a simpler musical escape.

There appears to be something distinctly British in many of the melodies Helen's crafted for the songs on this album. Given the opportunity, they would like to bounce around in your head like a bunch of balloons. The simple arrangements – often articulated with a couple of acoustic instruments and the adeptly applied background vocals by Helen and her kids, Daisie and Charlie, make this a good collection of tunes to sing along to. Have them playing in the minvan on those long BC road trips.