"Smart, eclectic, unique, catchy, inspired, and simply wonderful. The music was Impressive! Brilliantly arranged! Brilliantly delivered!”


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Songwriting - 4.0 || Music - 4.0 || Vocal Performance - 4.0
( Rating: 1 = WORST, 4 = BEST)

WOW...Helen Austin is an incredible artist whose album, TREEHOUSE, is proof that this young lady can sing her behind off. Helen takes a less is more approach to the music on this project keeping it simple by using her acoustic guitar and her voice as the foundation of every song.

"Just Thirteen" is a fun and honest song about that awkward phase in life that every girl experiences when she's "not grown up, just in between." In the song, Helen states that "Naiveté was good to you and me..." summing up how being oblivious to the realities of life can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. For most 13 year olds, ignorance is bliss and this song is the perfect example of that. Great songwriting and singing.

Other great songs by Helen include: Everybody, Treehouse, You and I, and Wonderful Day. Every track on this project represents the awesomeness that is Helen Austin the artist, musician and songwriter.

Overall, TREEHOUSE is a great project that offers 13 incredible songs by one of the most talented singer-songwriters I've heard since first hearing the wonderful work of Alanis Morisette. I am officially a fan of you, Ms. Helen Austin!

Review by: Senseitional