"Every track on this project represents the awesomeness that is Helen Austin the artist, musician and songwriter." - I Am Entertainment Magazine


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NEWS 2009

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A selection from the Song of the Week project is featured every Sunday on Songwriters Circle on CHLY 101.7 fm which airs 9:00am - noon (right about 11:45).

The movie 'Mayor Cupcake' is now using 3 of Helen's songs.


'Happy (plus maybe one other song)' is going to be used in the upcoming movie "Mayor Cupcake" , which stars Lea Thompson and Judd Nelson.


'Perfect Girl' and 'Little Strange' will be used in the upcoming MTV show, 'My Life As Liz'.

Helen is releasing a new EP, 'When We Were Young' which will be available on itunes soon.

September / October

The begining of October has been a busy time for competition placements, song deliveries to cable networks and an Ad placement... and it's only Oct 9th!

WeAreListening Winner

'When We Were Young' got to the final 4 for Round 4 of The 2009 Singer/Songwriter Awards. And here are a couple of comments from the industry judges.

“Great song for film placement - could hear it as a sound track song more than anything, reminds me a bit of a female Elliott Smith or Paul Simon - really good song.”
-- Jolene Pellant

“Nice use of double-vocals..song gets to the point really quickly and to the hook nicely. Has a nice simple vocal and playing style that compliments the lyrics. THIS IS THE WINNER..BY FAR.”
-- Daryl Berg

Indie International Songwriting Contest Winner

'All The Letters' and 'Ordinary Girl' placed 3rd and 5th in the Indie International Songwriting Competition.

The instrumental version of my song "Perfect Girl" has been placed in an Ad for Insight Communiations which will be airing in the mid west USA.

2 songs have been delivered to the essential hands of music supervisors for major cable networks.

August 09

Helen was featured on this podcast.

Tyler Gibb has a new movie, 'Refrain' coming out which will be screened at the World Film Festival in Montreal in Aug/Sep. The movie has a side project where other artists got to cover the songs in the movie. Helen's cover has been chosen to be included in the project. Click here to hear them all.

'All I Want' from the 'Perfect Girl' EP has made it to the Broadjam Alt Pop top 10. Click here to check it out.

Helen was chosen as a Runner Up for Round 3 of The 2009 Singer/Songwriter Awards.

WeAreListening Winner

Music Supervisor, Dominique Preyer of Hearit Clearit made Helen his featured artist of the week. http://www.hearitclearit.com/

'Perfect Girl' was played on the Indie Revolution Radio Show 100.9 WMIR FM in New York.

July 09

Helen has started an EP collaboration with HipGnosis.

NEW EP - All The Letters - coming to itunes soon.

The very kind folks of Indiefeed.com are featuring 'Perfect Girl'. To check it out click here.

Helen has just signed 2 new publishing agreements she got through Taxi. One is with Defacto and the other with Crucial.

June 09

New EP, Happy, now available on itunes.

A&R - Taxi forward critique for a selection of songs from 'Happy' EP.
"Put quite simply, I love your stuff. It sounds extremely distinctive, in part because of the charismatic vocal performances, but also because of the way in which you've chosen to illustrate the arrangements. In terms of melody, the songs are simply irresistible. After hearing just one verse and chorus it feels as if I've known the songs my entire life."

Helen has just been selected to be featured by indiefeed.com.

Helen started a blog this month. She will be writing her thoughts on how to stay sane while writing, recording and promoting music. Check out the link just above her name up there.

May 09

Putting together a new 5 song EP called "Happy" which will be released as soon as it has been mastered.

The very kind people of Indie Music Universe have made Helen their artist of the week.

April 09

After many, MANY, emails to music supervisors Helen has been contacted by two who want my music... and she has even heard of the shows that they work on!

Helen is trying out a new thing....Song of the Week. This is where she will write a new song each week, record it and post it to TWITTER and FACEBOOK. She likes a challenge!

March 09

Helen has just finished her new EP which will be available on itunes NOW!.

"Smart, eclectic, unique, catchy, inspired, and simply wonderful. The music was Impressive! Brilliantly arranged! Brilliantly delivered! Douglas Newsom CEO BBS Network, Inc. (BBS Radio)”

February 09

Helen is now working with pigFACTORY publishing and has signed a ten song exclusive agreement.

"Helen has a beautiful distinct voice and that will always open doors for her all on its own." - Taxi A&R

She is also working with LA producer Scott Feldman.

January 09

ONE EYE ON THE DOOR available to buy now
also availble on itunes

"As a songwriter, a friend and a radio programmer. I admire Helen's expressiveness, not only for the lyrical content & melodies, but the shear volume of really good songs.
Helens new CD "one eye on the door" is home brew of tunes and instruments simmered into a very quenching collection. She is vocally softer and more confident this time around. Get out and see her live if you get the chance!"
Brian Hazelbower
CHLY 101.7fm