"Every track on this project represents the awesomeness that is Helen Austin the artist, musician and songwriter." - I Am Entertainment Magazine


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Helen has recently signed contracts for many of her songs with a number of music publishers


From a recent Taxi.com critique - A&R dept.

"Your styling and delivery reminds me of so many top notch singer songwriters that I grew up on, as well as the best of the current crop. Quality this good is timely and time-less!
wish every artist had your talent, drive and realized vision of who they are artistically. You are the essence of independence vs. a contrived and crumbling conglomerate music business infrastructure. From hearing your material, I would want to see you live, buy a shirt and become part of your base community. You don't need a record label, you just need to keep building what you're building and they will come..... "


Helen was recently chosen as one of Taxi.com's top artists

June 08

Her song 'You" recently won the Americana/Country catagory for the PSA Annual Song Contest.

Helen's Relay for Life song has just been voted the winner of the RelayForLife.org/SharingHope.tv Video Contest Award